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Clean air plays an important role in supporting productivity, focus, and well-being at work. Improve your air quality with Nanoe™ X purification. Nanoe™ X technology protects against certain viruses to create a cleaner and more productive environment for your staff. nanoe™ X protects you from some of the most common issues in your café/restaurant.

Issue: Work odour issues

Sharing space means sharing smells too. In open office environments, it’s easy for odours to make working difficult.

Solution: Deodorisation by nanoe™ X

Nanoe™ X eliminates frequently encountered smells and odours. nanoe™ X particles penetrate deep into fabrics to inhibit bacteria that adhere to chairs and minimising odours.

Issue: Pollen & allergies

It’s hard to work when hay fever comes around, and for some the symptoms can be quite severe.

Solution: Inhibit allergies with nanoe™ X

nanoe™ X inhibits 13 varieties of pollen found around the world, so staff can work in comfort

Issue: Heightened concerns for hygiene

Anxiety around bacteria and viruses is understandably high. For some people working together in a shared office space can put everyone on edge.

Solution: Effective inhibition

nanoe™ X is highly effective against certain airborne and adhered viruses.
nanoe™ X also inhibits viruses attached to critical touchpoints, such as doorknobs, keyboards, light switches and even furniture fabric.

The 7 ways nanoe™ X improves the air quality in your small/home office →

Active Deodorisation – Penetrating into the deepest parts of fibres, nanoe™ X eliminates frequently encountered odours, creating cleaner and fresher spaces.

Inhibition of Hazardous Substances (PM2.5) – nanoe™ X has been confirmed to inhibit and breakdown common hazardous / harmful substances ensuring that the air your breathe is cleaner and safer.

Inhibition of Mould – Common airborne and adhered mould found inside living/working spaces are enveloped and inhibited by nanoe™ X.

Inhibition of Bacteria & Viruses – nanoe™ X envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses.

Inhibition of Pollen – nanoe™ X is effective in inhibiting a variety of pollens globally, all year round.

Inhibition of Major Allergens – nanoe™ X inhibits allergens such as pet dander, mite faeces/carcasses and airborne mould as well as other major allergens

Moisturises and hydrates – nanoe™ X combines with natural sebum (natural skin oils) to coat the skin, leading to a smoother, well-hydrated complexion.


Discover Panasonic nanoe™ X products

nanoe™ X technology is incorporated into a range of Panasonic products to keep you safe and comfortable indoors.

Whatever your business needs, we have the ideal air solution for you.

Air Purifier with nanoe™X

air-e (Ceiling Mount nanoe™X Generator)


Discover Hydro-E - Hospital Grade HOCL disinfectant 

Hydro-E disinfectant is a proven, safe and effective solution against germs and a broad range of bacteria.

Hydro-E (HOCL) is a hospital-grade surface disinfectant (ARTG #335971), being one the safest and most effective disinfectants available today which kills 99.9% of germs.

HOCL - Hypochlorous Acid is naturally produced by your bodies white blood cells to fight off viruses, germs and bacteria.

The Hydro-E disinfectant range is safe for human use:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for animals and agricultural applications
  • Unscented and residue-free
  • Won’t dry your skin or cause rashes
  • Biodegradable
  • Australian made

HOCL Hospital Grade Disinfectant


Safe, economical, effective and eco-friendly.