About Us

MKS Health Technologies

Our mission

To provide innovative health solutions to improve the quality of life for all communities.

Our values

M ake a difference – our solutions help protect those who matter most.

K ey focus - our customers are at the core of everything we do.

S tronger together - by working together we educate, inform, and help protect family, friends, colleagues, patients, and visitors alike.

Why this is important

The pandemic and cold and flu seasons have shown us how vulnerable we are to harmful bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms which are undetectable on surfaces and in the air.

At MKS we recognise that people are seeking solutions to provide added protection for staff and visitors at their place of work and for their family and friends at home.

Our core business

MKS specialise in the identification, development, validation and distribution of innovative solutions in the health and wellbeing sectors.

We carefully select solutions with advanced technologies, from leading manufacturers, to provide businesses and consumers with the additional protection they are seeking.

Our range includes sanitising devices, air treatment, disinfectant and health improvement products.

Our background

MKS Health Technologies is a division of MKS Consulting Solutions Pty Ltd., an Australian owned consulting and manufacturing company established in 2015.

Based in Sydney, MKS has been built on a platform of proven delivery and developing valued and trusted partnerships with clients. Through our years of experience and our strong relationships with key suppliers and manufacturers, we deliver top quality brands to meet your needs.

All our products must pass rigorous selection criteria before we consider ranging them. This includes safety, reliability and value for money. In addition, all our products requiring TGA approval, have a TGA number provided by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

We are committed to providing safe and innovative solutions to increase protection in a wide range of environments - from critical health environments such as hospitals and nursing homes to high human traffic areas such as shopping centres and schools. This commitment has led to our involvement in cutting-edge research with RMIT and the University of Melbourne to evaluate the use of sanitising chambers for high-risk settings.

We supply customers in both the private and public sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Our friendly and experienced team has a diverse range of expertise and is committed to providing a high level of service.