A health lab wrapped around your finger.

Monitor your Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity, and
Body Temperature to get personalized insights.


NexRing - Revolutionary health, sleep, and readiness tracking.

Wellness Management

Smart rings can do very well in helping you monitor and manage health and wellness. The NexRing is capable of tracking health vitals and activity, including heart rate, body temperature, SpO2 (Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen) and HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

Sleep patterns and HRV from previous days contribute to how energized you feel today. By analysing the key contributing factors, NexRing will come up with a score to help you understand your body's condition and how ready it is for work and exercise.


Sleep Monitoring

The NexRing is a great choice for monitoring sleep compared to other wearable devices. NexRing allows you to track details of sleep vitals and come up with personal insights.

With NexRing’s new advanced sleep algorithm, this smart ring can accurately evaluate the quality of your sleep based on the status and duration of each sleep stage, such as light sleep, deep sleep, wake up time and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during sleep.


Share data with your family or your doctor with the free App.

It is easy to share and manage health data from NexRing via the free app, which is compatible with IOS and Android. Available for download via the Google Play Store and App Store users can get free membership by signing up on the app and benefit immediately from professional and personal insights.


Research-Grade Sensors on your finger

NexRing is equipped with research-grade sensors, providing accurate results from your finger even during sleep.

The finger's pulse signal is stronger and more accurate than the wrist, making it an ideal source of accurate heart rate data, and is more sensitive to motion and more accurate across all skin tones.


Real-time SpO2 Detection

NexRing is able to detect real-time results of SpO2, allowing users to get to know their oximetry level when they need.


Long Battery Life

On average, one full charge of NexRing will provide 4 - 7 days of battery life. It takes between 20 - 80 minutes to fully charge the NexRing.


Fashionable Titanium design 

The NexRing is made of unique and resistant Titanium with a stylish design, providing a more attractive option for wellness monitoring than other wearable devices. NexRing is available in a range of sizes to provide a comfortable fit.


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