MKS Health Technologies offer a range of innovative remote Health Monitoring Devices to make life easier and healthier. With built-in high precision sensors and advanced algorithms, users can get accurate measurements to share with medical personnel or family members.

Our range includes a 6 in 1Health Monitor, a Digital Stethoscope and a Digital Otoscope.


6-in-1 Health Monitor

The 6-in-1 health monitor measures health in 6 key areas. It’s an ideal solution for remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

The remote health monitor measures health data for 6 areas, including oximetry, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose, and ECG features. Note blood glucose strips are not included in the package and are available separately

– Can be used as a sensor to collect data
– General check-up for basic conditions
– Easy and accurate measurement saving users from uploading data manually
– Portable and able to be applied in a number of scenarios



Digital Stethoscope

The Digital Stethoscope is a well-designed portable and smart stethoscope to conduct examinations and share historical data via smartphones.

– Can be used as a sensor to collect data
– General check-up of heart and lung conditions
– Accurate examination and easy to share data 
– Automatic record and rechargeable battery 



Digital Otoscope

The Digital Otoscope is a telemedical device for examining ears with a High Definition (HD)camera, cold and shadowless LED lights, and smart visual applications.

– General check-up of ear, teeth, skin and nose conditions
– HD professional camera and shadowless LED lamp
– Easy and accurate measurement to relieve users from uploading data manually
– Safe operation while doctors conduct examination using the smart visual application


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