Choose the ARI Wash Bay Device for a cleaner, more efficient wash bay experience. Protect your investment, reduce maintenance, and save on treatment costs with this state-of-the-art filtration solution.
Up to 3080 litres per minute, per square metre, filtering particulates to 63μm.


Protect Your Pit, Pump, and Separator: The ARI Wash Bay Device is your first line of defence against physical waste entering your drainage system. Developed and rigorously tested, this innovative filter captures particles as small as 63 µm at the entry point of the pit, ensuring comprehensive protection and reducing treatment costs significantly.

No More Clogged Drains: Are your wash bays frequently clogged or demanding constant maintenance? The ARI Wash Bay Device addresses these common issues with ease, keeping your wash bays draining properly and efficiently.

Prevent Contamination and Save Costs: Wash bays often accumulate pollutants that enter sewer or stormwater systems, leading to contamination of the pit, pick-up pump, and oily water separator. This contamination diminishes the efficiency of your system and drives up filtration costs.

Advanced Filtration Technology: The ARI Wash Bay Device intercepts waste at the grate, preventing system contamination without blocking. It effectively filters down to 63 µm—eight times smaller than a grain of sand (500 µm)—ensuring that even the smallest particles are captured.


Maintain Optimal Functionality: With pollutants removed at the source, your oily water separator will operate as intended, keeping your drainage system functioning smoothly. This leads to significant cost savings and opens up opportunities for water reuse, making your operations more sustainable.

Easy Maintenance and Reusability: Our stormwater products retrofit into existing drains with a convenient ‘drop in – lift out’ feature, making servicing a breeze. This reusable design ensures that maintenance is straightforward and cost-effective, keeping your wash bays operating at peak performance.


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