Sanitising & Entry Control Solutions

MKS Clean Gate EM-20 021

The Clean Gate EM-20-DJ-01is a semi-portable sanitising solution for areas where space may be restricted or where unique entry conditions may apply.

The advanced technology of MKS Clean Gate uses IR sensors to detect people and activate voice instructions and sanitising spray nozzles. The MKS Clean Gate can also be configured with a foot switch activation and uses a UV-C sterilising light at the foot level, targeted at removing germs from your shoes as you enter.

Each gate comes fitted with 4 spray nozzles, which are easy to remove and install and can be customised for specific customer requirements depending on their application.

The nozzles are easy to install with one-touch application. Depending on the application, user can select the type of nozzles to meet one’s specific application need.

The compact, smart and modern design features add to the elegance of the device and compliments any environment.



MKS Clean Gate


Entry Direction Configuration

The Clean Gate‘s IR Sensors can be used in any direction so that sanitising can be applied in both entry and exit scenarios.

Mist Function Specification

The state of art mist nozzles convert Hydro-E Plus sanitising solution into the finest particle mist to evenly, and effectively disperse the liquid in a controlled manner. Due to the advanced nozzles, the mist is superfine and doesn’t leave liquid stains on your clothes or pool on surfaces. Unlike other alternative spray sanitisers, the MKS Clean Gate uses a non-flammable and completely environmentally friendly sanitising solution.


MKS Clean Gate - Product Specifications