Hydro-E (HOCL) disinfectant is a proven, safe and effective solution against germs and a broad range of bacteria.

Hydro-E is a hospital-grade HOCL surface disinfectant (ARTG #335971), being one the safest and most effective disinfectants available today which can kill 99.9% of germs.

The range of Hydro-E range of products are safe for use around people, animals and eco-friendly, unlike alcohol or chemical-based sanitisers and disinfectants.

The Hydro-E range of solutions are safe for human use:

- Non-toxic
- Non-hazardous
- Non-flammable
- Non-corrosive
- Eco-friendly
- Safe to use around children and the whole family
- Safe for animals and agricultural applications
- Unscented and residue-free
- Won’t dry your skin or cause rashes
- Biodegradable; and
- Australian made

Recent studies have shown that HOCL has had no ocular irritation when sprayed in eyes or no dermal reaction when sprayed on skin. It has also found to be 80-200 times more effective than than standard sanitising while being non-toxic to humans.

The Hydro-E range of hospital grade disinfectants contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals. The Hydro-E disinfectant offers a huge range of diversity in its use of applications which no other disinfectant can equal.

These include:

- Brewing and beverage industry – reducing the process required to clean bottles.
- Cooling towers and ponds – effectively destroys Legionella and other bacteria as well as destroys biofilm.
- Waste water treatment – reduction of bacteria to safe levels without contaminating the environment.
- Meat processing – cleaning of preparation areas without the need to use harmful chemicals. Highly effective in killing E.coli and salmonella.
- Fish processing – highly effective in destroying bacteria such as Vibro and E.coli.
- Fruit and Vegetables – washing fruit and veg, both whole or cut, increases their shelf life.
- Horticulture – spraying glass houses reduces bacteria and algal risks. Disinfects irrigation water, better resistance to weeds, smuts, fungi and various parasites and diseases. Increased quality of crops without fertilisers.
- Drinking water – used as a disinfectant of drinking water without unpleasant smells and taste associated with traditional chlorine based treatments.
- Hotels and public facilities – highly effective in reducing germs and bacteria to ensure the safety of guests and public safety.
- Medical Industry – highly effective in the sterilisation of medical facilities and equipment to help prevent infection.
- Livestock Industries – highly effective in managing aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as reducing skin parasitic disease.
- Veterinary Industry – increases vitality and resistance, improves fertility, residue free treatment of mastitis, diarrhea and other infections. Effectively destroys common serious animal diseases.
- Oil and Gas Industry – highly effective alternative to bactericides that are non-biodegradable.
- Marine Industry – suitable for shipboard sterilisation of drinking and ballast water.
- Florist – improves the shelf life of cut flowers.
    The Hydro-E disinfectant destroys bacteria that causes food to rot as well as bacteria which cause odours.
    By washing your food (fruit, veg, meat and fish) in Hydro-E disinfectant, you can prolong the storage life of your food. The Hydro-E solutions do not affect the taste but targets the bacteria which decomposes the food.
    Hydro-E Plus targets the bacteria which causes odours and destroys them removing the odours from the air.


    Hydro-E Sanitiser & Hydro-E Plus DisinfectantOur body has its own defence known as white blood cells, that use HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) to combat foreign invading microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.
    These white blood cells (also known as neutrophils) respond to any tissue invasion by migrating to the site of infection. Neutrophils seek out these invading microorganisms, surround and eliminate them using HOCL. This process is known as phagocytosis.
     Unlike Alcohol and bleach which eat away at all substances they come into contact with, HOCL specifically only targets bacteria and fungi, making HOCL safer for humans, animals, and the environment.



    Hydro-E Sanitiser & Hydro-E Plus Disinfectant Spectrum


    Hydro-E Sanitiser & Hydro-E Plus Disinfectant - Safety vs Power Capabilities


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