MKS XP2020 - Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Check Station 

The MKS XP2020 is an automated hand sanitising station with the capability to check people’s temperatures as they sanitise their hands. The system can be set up with automated alerts when someone shows signs of high temperature or anomalies related to the risk of symptoms of infections.

This device is the ideal solution to assist with keeping hands clean and free from germs, easily checking temperature and monitoring the entry of individuals into venues where control measures must be in place. The XP2020 has been designed with precision AI technologies for scanning, facial recognition and temperature checking processes (subject to privacy laws and regulations).

The automated process can quickly scan people’s faces and takes their temperature within a 30~50 cm range in order to detect any abnormal levels, which aids in identifying the key of people who may have an infection. The AI technology can accurately scan people who are wearing face masks and glasses, no need to remove them.

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Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Check Station

At the moment of detecting an individual with abnormal temperature, a warning is issued to the designated personnel and a preconfigured protocol system activates the voice guidance on the next steps according to the defined sanitation and health control process.


The MKS XP2020 Automatic Hand Sanitiser with thermal camera is the ideal safe guard for factories, offices, hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants, and other shared areas that require a comprehensive and automatic system, without the need for additional staff to execute these procedures.

Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Check Station - Facial Recognition, Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, 1L Sanitiser Re-fill tank


Easy Data Management System

The recorded facial recognition and temperature log data can be conveniently accessible through Wi-Fi. More than 5,000 facial recognition data can be stored (subject to privacy laws and regulations). The data can be used for daily access control and entrance temperature check to secure safe working environment.



Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Check Station - Product Specifications

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