Help keep your family, employees, visitors and customers safe from harmful viruses and germs in a simple and effective way.

Protect your livelihood by performing a deep clean of your facilities to keep them hygienic. If your livelihood is worth protecting, protect it with an MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine.
MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine has won the Gold medal award at the Seoul International Invention fair - SIIF 2020.

The MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine sprays a superfine mist that blankets surfaces, including hard to reach areas, with a superfine Hydro-E Plus hospital grade disinfectant that kills germs and viruses on contact.

This portable light weight device is easy to use, rechargeable with a long lasting battery and can hold up to 1L of sanitising solution. The current global situation demands new alternatives to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria by keeping shared spaces hygienic, clean and free from germs. 

The MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine superfine Hydro-E Plus spray attacks the bacterias that create odours and removes them from everyday life.

It is suitable for all applications including groceries stores, home, office, kitchen, restaurant, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and airports.

For more information on the safe use of HCOL, see our blog articles.

 MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine


MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine provides everyone you care about with a safe method of sanitising your environment.

This device sprays a super fine Hydro-E Plus hospital grade disinfectant solution to keep the air and surroundings surfaces free from germs and bacteria. The Hydro-E Plus liquid is TGA approved (ARTG #335971) hospital grade disinfectant, recognised for its ability to safely disinfect surfaces, eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses. The Hydro-E Plus is a non-toxic disinfectant solution that involves the destroying of the cell wall of microbes or viruses, allowing the disinfectant to destroy them. 

MKS Deep Clean Mist Machine side view


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Specification Product Name Portable Cordless Superfine Particle Fogger
Model Name CURE-P100-M
Electromagnetic Compatibility certification R-R-C9T-CURE-P100-M
Power Consumption DC 12V (BATTERY)
Solution tank Capacity  1,000ml
Weight  2.6kg
Size  350mm(W) X 150mm(D) X 185mm(H)
Battery Voltage  DC 12V
Capacity 5,500mAh (Lithium-Ion Battery)
Hours of Use About 40 minutes
Charger IN PUT Voltage AC110V-240V~50/60Hz
OUT PUT Voltage DC 12.6V/1.5A
Charging Time More than 3 Hours
AC Cable 220V