What do TENS and EMS stand for?

TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

The TENS works in two ways:

  1. By blocking the pain messages from reaching the brain. When the pain messages reach the brain, we feel pain as a result. The Dolito® Pain Therapy TENS Machine can block these messages from getting to the brain and therefore reduce the pain we feel. This is usually achieved on the higher Hz (>80) ratings of the TENS machines.
  2. By stimulating the body to make more of its own internal pain reducing chemical called endorphins. This is usually achieved on the lower Hz (<10) ratings of the MyoBravo® Premium Multifunctional Stimulator TENS machines.

The Myolito® Multifunctional Stimulator EMS devices are designed for targeted training of atrophied muscles through surge current therapy to build, strengthen and rehabilitate them. Most commonly they are used for:

  • Avoidance and delay of muscular spasms
  • Building and rebuilding atrophied muscles 
  • Scoliosis therapy
  • Conserve and extend mobility
  • Avoidance of muscular imbalances
  • Increase muscle resistance to tiredness

Important: Advice should be sought from a suitably qualified professional (physiotherapist) before using a TENS or EMS device. People with heart conditions are at greater risk and should seek medical advice before using.


Our range of MyoBravo® Premium Multifunctional Stimulator, Dolito® Pain Therapy TENS, and Myolito® Multifunctional Stimulator EMS devices are German engineered and designed so you are assured of the highest quality.

All MKS TENS and EMS machines are TGA approved

Myolito® Multifunctional Stimulator

MyoBravo® Premium Multifunctional Stimulator