MKS Clean Booth (EM-20 021) 

The automatic walk-through sanitising booth provides a super fine mist of Hydro-E (HOCL) solution to eliminate germs which can be carried on peoples clothing including, shoes, bags, luggage and other external items.

The MKS Clean Booth is ideal for permanent entry point in hospitals, offices or large sporting venues, where quick and efficient temperature scanning and sanitising are required in high human traffic areas. With a large 20L tank and efficient adjustable nozzles, the MKS Clean Booth can operate for long periods of time, processing hundreds of people before needing attention.

MKS Clean Booth



The Clean Booth is a complete system that integrates:

  • Fast and accurate temperature check functionalities
  • Face recognition capabilities (Option)
  • Voice control and warning systems (to help detect and manage individuals with high temperatures) and
  • An automated walk-through sanitising process
MKS uses a superior long lasting Hydro-E Plus sanitising liquid which kills 99% of germs on contact. Hydro-E Plus is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, colour-free, food safe and completely eco-friendly.
MKS Clean Booth with person

The MKS Clean Booth is ideal for environments where large numbers of people need to be processed with temperature checks and sanitising in a short amount of time. Ideal for hospitals, airports, sporting arenas, transport hubs, aged cares facilities, large corporate offices and outdoor events to name a few.

The MKS Clean Booth EM 20-021 provides an effective, efficient sanitising system that reinforces the social distancing requirements during the entrance procedures into facilities, and it reduces the need for staff and avoids the need for close contact.

MKS Clean Booth - 16 nozzles covers full body, quick and fast spray, easy refill with 20L tank, w/facial recognition tablet, sanitation for shoes

All-in-One Sanitising Solution

The entry protocol consists of temperature check, face recognition, and walk-through sanitising which are executed automatically in sequence without need of an attendant.  With comprehensive audio & video guide, you can effectively minimise the risk of germs.  

The advanced features of the MKS Clean Booth provide 16 adjustable nozzles, which spray a super fine Hydro-E Plus sanitising liquid which provides a defence to external surfaces. The nozzles can be adjusted to suit the your requirements.

The Hydro-E liquid is a recognised solution for its safe and effective sanitising capability, by eliminating germs. It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive sanitising solution that kills germs on contact.

Product Specifications

MKS Clean Booth - Product specifications