EcoTree-M Generator

Produce highly effective HOCL disinfectant and sanitiser on site and save with the ecoTree-M Generator.

Economical, effective, easy to install and safe.

What is the eco-Tree M Sanitation & Sterilisation Water Generator?

The eco-Tree M Generator provides a solution that allows you to easily and safely produce Hypochlorous acid water (HOCL) which is highly effective for surface sterilisation and disinfection of all types of surfaces.

The generated HOCL kills bacteria and viruses more effectively than chlorine bleach. It is generated on site at pre-set concentrations with no storing or mixing of toxic chemicals. HOCL is a safe, non-toxic solution.

Who will benefit from the eco-Tree M Generator?

The eco-Tree M Generator is ideal for any business or location that has need for disinfectant and sanitiser. Examples include:

  • Medical and dental clinics, hospitals
  • Aged care, childcare and school / universities
  • Kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Seafood and meat processing
  • Public buildings such as libraries, government sites, galleries etc
  • Offices and common areas
  • Shopping malls, retail outlets and showrooms
  • Gyms and fitness centres

What makes ecoTree-M unique?


The highest value is user safety
  • Non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-corrosion.
  • Safe and easy cartridge exchange.


The highest sterilisation level right after creation
  • Strong sterilisation effect against bacteria and viruses.
  • High deodorising power against odour causing substances.
  • The convenience of using the solution without dilution.


The more use, the higher value
  • Water, electricity and a cartridge are needed.
  • Sterilisation water is produced on the spot.
  • Hygiene management cost reduced.


Efforts to reduce Carbon footprint
  • Semi-permanent use by refilling the cartridge – Recycling.


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